Soothe Muscles | Revive Holistically

Training the body is one of the best things we can do for both our minds and bodies. It teaches us so much about our selves, our will, our dedication, how we function internally, how well we work systematically and holistically with our mind, body and soul (spirit|essence). It teaches us unity, focus, simplicity....

If you're new to any form of training you may become friends with D.O.M.S (Delayed onset muscle soreness) It can be a great feeling and on the flip slide - simply sore. If these are not a thing for you anymore and you train regularly, these methods will be just as good for muscle health and recovery so you can power up the rest of your reserves.



  • Regular Sauna use has so many benefits to the bodies systems and naturally the mind also. It benefits the muscles, skin, assists in pain reduction, helps with depression (specifically infrared sauna use)  and overall health. I first encouraged a family member with heart problems to take regular sauna's after studying the body and feeling it would benefit in strengthening his cardiovascular system after he exercised  - they were a great benefit in his weekly routine. *Since writing this post there is new evidence on the benefit of sauna use for heart disease - I am not a doctor and do not prescribe medical advice in replace of one so please consult your GP before starting sauna use. The research will be posted below.

Sauna's help to warm the musclesincrease blood-flow, nutrients and oxygen to the muscle cells whilst helping the bodies detoxification systems to work at their optimum. Use them in short 10-15min bursts with a cool shower to dilate and constrict the blood vessels, saunas really help rejuvenation.  New studies have found that heat therapy also triggers the bodies natural growth hormone, excellent for muscle growth.  (*For this reason, anyone with a medical condition must consult with a trained medical practitioner/GP before using heat therapy)



  • Massage is one ancient technique, dating back to BC 722-481 where it was recorded in the Nei-jing (Chinese Medical text) and even found depicted in Egyptian tomb drawings. Massage in the form of bodywork was used on gladiators after battle and as a healing method for centuries. Specific bodywork massage works to flush the muscles, increasing the bodies natural healing through increased blood-flow, nutrients, oxygen, waste removal whilst assisting targeted areas to relieve soreness and improve an individuals body awareness and functionalityTo have a specific tailored treatment from myself please fill out your details in the contact form.


  • Epsom Salts are a pure mineral combination of  magnesium and sulfate, excellent for muscleinflammation, regulating muscle nerve functions and reviving a case of D.O.M.S. Add one cupful to a warm bath and relax.

If you want to further increase the therapeutic benefits of an Epsom salt bath, try adding 10 drops in total of these essential oils to the cupful of salts;

I would recommend a blend of black pepper essential oil Piper Nigrum (carminative, antispasmodic, anti-rheumatic) Rosemary essential oil  Rosmarinus Officinalis (nerve tonic, decreases cortisol, anti-inflammatory, anti-rheumatic) - do not use if you suffer with hypertension.  Bergamot  essential oil Citrus Aurantium var (Hormone and nerve balance, analgesic 'pain reducer', relaxant, soothes nerves, muscles, stress and tension) Uplifting soother


  • Good old fashioned movement. Walking, Yoga, Qi Gong; warm up the body naturally, stretch it out, get everything flowing. Pure, simple warming movement will always be the best tool we have in our personal kit for reducing muscle soreness.

Research: Saunas cut risk of heart disease and dementia