The forgotten language - move and become fluent

Theres a forgotten language, a language that gives us information relevant to our own lives, it gives us information relevant to our own challenges and bespoke information guided to our development and growth -it can teach you more than the self help books, an help you interpret information from the world around you.

It's one of the first languages we learnt yet one that got silenced in the evolution of the intellect and brain based learning.

It is the real mind-body connection that science is starting to understand as 'Embodied cognition'- intelligence is also in your body.

We have an intellect within the very heart of our bones, within each of our biological systems and the bellies of our muscles. This intellect communicates directly to and with our brains in a subconscious interwoven feedback loop. When you move, your brain reads and acts. When you move or train you are learning. When you move you learn. Amazing huh, so nows the time to get fluent, get fluid and increase your total health, mind and body.


It seems many have stopped speaking and listening to the language of the body, as though all we need is right there in our heads, but our intelligence is not all within the brain and by thinking so and paying so much attention to that area of development really misses the ideal of total health.  

The 'obtain information to get smart' idea of our youth was only a piece of our intelligence and who we are. There is a whole lot more to discover and unearth about ourselves, and maybe its time to shift to and look at ourselves with our 'holistic intelligence'.

Embodied cognition (mind-body connection) is scientific, an idea that the true holistic healing practices and martial arts have been teaching for hundreds of years.

By training the body, finding new ways to move and by becoming body aware through healing practices we learn something mechanically and mentally new, it's true healing and learning at its best and it will leave you feeling better connected.

The more we develop this language within the more information comes to light about ourselves. You learn more about you and so the world around you. 

It gives tailored insight to;

  • Feel good, feel better

  • Develop mentally, physically and spiritually

  • Gain information about our environment and our place within it

An that is powerful.

We become better able to guide ourself through life and gain a better awareness in the choices that we make, thats true personal development and a real path to total health.


Everything in our body is communicating on a subconscious level but what do we need to wake ourselves up to total health?

Our senses for a start.

We can be so overstimulated in the world we live in, signs, sights, sounds, scents that we miss so much that our environment and body is actually conveying to us. 

Does it really matter? I believe it does -We miss important cues, we overlook the sometimes obvious signs that something needs addressing or something is not right and we make mistakes because of it.  On the flip side we miss out on the real satisfying beauty of life and our connection with where we are. We are eating the apple and not tasting it, we are starving for what we already have, if only we were able to understand it.

Find a practise you can do that you submerge in. You may discover a real sense of peace and have much sharper senses just by having that time to be completely present.


Think of those sayings such as 'follow your gut instinct', 'what is your body telling you'.  In the east a lower brain is acknowledged in the belly area, the 'dan tien', a powerful hub relating to our feelings and awareness. Science is starting to acknowledge more and more of this second brain with reference to the gut (the 'micro-biome') and its communication with the brain (via the vagus nerve). Living a healthier lifestyle with good nutrition and movement assists the gut and its healthy bacteria that communicate with the brain and keep it working optimally. This understanding in science that many of the traditional lifestyle systems already adhered to is now unlocking vital clues for overcoming depression, alzheimer's and many other brain based health problems.

“The body, the gut, the senses, the immune system, the lymphatic system, are so instantaneously and so complicatedly interacting with the brain that you can’t draw a line across the neck and say ‘above the line it’s smart and below the line is menial”



We are mobile beings whose total health relies on the flow of body fluids and life force in our bodies systems - so, what good are we doing to be sat day in day out, becoming numb to what our bodies are telling us when we can be enriched by learning a deeper sense of self just by moving more.

Yep, you don't have to have a degree to be able to understand you better, you just have to be willing to start by moving more.

As you start to learn the language of your body you will better embody cognition.

In the past psychology taught body language as a way to read others, to read the way someone holds themselves and the subtle communication it gives us but this understanding misses a big element, the language of our own body.

“Knowing others is intelligence;
knowing yourself is true wisdom.
Mastering others is strength;
mastering yourself is true power.”





When we are physical through training (martial arts based movement and the healing arts in particular) we reconnect some of the dots, we reawaken our insight into the mind-body connection that makes us whole. Thats a true step towards total health, because our health doesn't rely solely on the health of one part but the whole working in synergy together.


There is a beauty in training or bodywork (massage and various healing practices) that goes beyond the physical movements. At some point during training or even a massage when you become easeful and the mind no longer has to latch on to what is happening, when you forget your mind and sink into your body, when you feel with your body you start to get an awareness. It's the massage that enlightens you  to why that pain is happening in your elbow when the therapist is working on your shoulder. It's the training session that triggers a mental clarity, an enlightenment to your development just by practising it, an thats healing.


Training the body gives us an opening into our mindset if we learn to be precent to the practise and listen to it. What is it telling you? 

When you train do you stay in the burn? or never reach it, backing out when you start to feel uncomfortable? Chances are that process may also show up in life when situations start to become uncomfortable.

Do you face challenges and work through them? or do you back off never quite getting past your own limitations?

When martial arts students practise - their minds and bodies are forced to work together, or more so they are trained too, naturally, through the art. There isn't really the opportunity to not have the mind or body on board and so both develop to work more fluidly as one. That mind-body connection, that becoming 'one' builds a real holistic intelligence.

An example could be someone working on punching the pads - they don't quite release all their energy through their punch, 'holding back' and so this holding back physically will probably show up in other areas of their life, holding themselves back in their relationships, or careers, they are holding back mentally and so physically and vice versa.

Another example could be a runner who isn't breathing optimally, they can never quite get that stamina because the muscles run out of oxygen. With that awareness they may be able to see the areas of life where they run out of air, the projects that never quite make it off the ground, the enthusiasm drop when challenges arise and early tiring. Learning proper breathing techniques and upping the stamina on the run could potentially make that person mentally more in it for the long haul in all areas of life. This is training the body to train the mind.

“`There is nothing outside of yourself that can ever enable you to get better, stronger, richer, quicker, or smarter. Everything is within. Everything exists. Seek nothing outside of yourself.’”



Have you ever felt low in mood, perhaps during a prolonged stressful period and you noticed that your posture was deflated? rounded shoulders, a curved spine (note this next time your on your phone scrolling facebook for too long or at a desk) that slack posture actually sends signals to the brain.

That deflated positioning sends signals to the brain and actually affects your hormones. It will lower your testosterone (drive and motivation) and actually increase the stress hormone cortisol, so low in mood you will actually end up feeling more down, demotivated and more stressed. Thats embodied intelligence working.

Straighten out, lighten up and move.

When you re-align your posture the muscles send a signal to the brain which will cause a reduction in cortisol and an increase in testosterone, so you then become lifted mentally and physically. That subtle mind body language is all from how you hold yourself - as discovered by researchers at Chicago and Harvard university, and shows just some of the effect from how you move.

We are made up of a beautiful connection of biological systems all with a purpose, all communicating subconsciously together.  All you have to do to improve the fluidity of your mind body connection is to start to move better in your daily lifestyle.

Embody your intelligence and learn more you.

“When you realise nothing is lacking, the whole world belongs to you.”


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