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Originally posted Oct 2015 - candles shown are all still in production 2019 - those no longer sold have been taken out of the feature.

There is an unspoken warmth in lighting a candle; an element of our natural outdoor self, a feeling in a scent, a harmony.

There is a unspoken warmth in lighting a candle indoors; An element of our natural outdoor self, a feeling in a scent, a harmony, a sensuality.

Candles bring a subtle feature to any room. As an extra ritual, say a silent prayer when you light a candle; for a loved one, a blessing, a gratitude.

This hand selected feature brings some of the best natural candles in the UK, no toxins, pure ingredients and the therapeutic benefits of essential oil blends, sure to bring light and luxe scent to your home as we go into the winter months. They also make great gifts for Christmas.


Neom Organics


The Soul Soother. Sensuous; An uplifting blend of 6 pure essential oils in a 100% natural wax. This candle has a warming and exotic scent perfect to warm and uplift the room. Sensuous sweet top note ylang ylang is blended with rich base notes of frankincense and patchouli, giving this candle the perfect combination to refresh the mind and body for a cosy night in.

Neom Organics are made here in Britain from ethically sourced, sustainable origins, using only natural & organic ingredients. See their full 'happy' range and more at;



Beautifully scented skin; Rose De Mai by nutritional skincare brand Oskia London is not just a candle, this pure May Rose,  Soy and Coconut oil candle is a smoothing conditioning skin treatment as well. The low melting point of these oils make for the perfect temperature for the skin. Once melted, pour the warm oil onto the skin and massage over your muscles for hydrated rose scented smoothness. 

100% natural at its most functional.


True Grace

The vacation in a candle. Fig; The scent of True Grace's fig is fresh and memorable bringing the Mediterranean with each light. An incredible lasting scent of sweetness and depth that fills the whole room.

These candles are 100% natural wax to ensure clean burning. 

True Grace's collections are  simple and elegant, perfect for both Men & Women.

Do view the full range at