Forever Cacao

Originally published 5th August 2014

Sometimes, when going through the day, there will be something, that for some reason stands out.It’s inspiring to see business’ and people working at doing things differently. There is a wholeness in the people and the action of the business, a wholeness because each fulfill an unspoken criteria, a bliss. These types of bliss or business grow from the roots up, they grow out of a seen or unseen purpose; they grow from a seed in the individual or many seeds in many people, pulled together; a beautiful collaboration, essentially people and business’ that are mindful how and why they operate in the world. 


Raw Chocolate |Protected, processed and produced, skillfully to the palm of your hand..

There’s a great connection with chocolate isn’t there, its a universal Mmmmm. We wouldn’t have to speak yet we could communicate and understand each other through a piece of chocolate, even if momentarily.  Chocolate has got to be ingrained in us, just the thought stirs memory of sharing chocolate, a certain flavor, a feeling, a texture, a memory of the scent. Remember the scent of melting chocolate in the kitchen? or the scent from a Chocolatier shop? Chocolate can be simple and earthy or sweet and textured, blended as artistically as a perfumer selecting base, middle and top notes to give it its distinctive individual flavour.

How does a piece of raw unadulterated, raw chocolate sound? High in antioxidants and enzymes?

That’s what Pablo works with at Forever Cacao for his handmade bars; handmade in every sense, from bean to bar.

This is a crop of 2014 Cacao beans on the start of their process to a Forever cacao chocolate bar, starting from Peru -Western South America through to Western UK – Wales.

To start the journey of his bars Pablo sources Cacao, direct from Peru, from the Ashaninka people. The Ashaninka families work together with Ecotribal, a company that works with indigenous communities to promote sustainable livelihoods and rain-forest conservation. In this instance, they help to improve the farming process of the Ashaninka Cacao. The link ensures that the Ashaninka families can work directly with Forever Cacao, a better paying market. Working together means they can maintain organic farming practices and collectively contribute to fund community health and emergency needs, protect the endangered amazon rain-forest and safeguard ancient Cacao crops.

That was and is part of Forever Cacao’s mission.

The beauty of chocolate!


The Cacao (pronounced Ka-Kow) pods are harvested by the Ashaninka families, where they are opened, fermented in crates with banana leaves and dried on bamboo racks before they are delivered, for Pablo to continue the raw refined process.

Raw Cacao is high in beneficial antioxidants, nutrients, minerals and enzymes which Pablo preserves by choosing not to roast the beans. They are hand sorted in Wales, cracked, separated from the husk and stone ground before 24 hours of low temperature conching – preserving the beneficial nutrients and integrity.


Raw Cacao has a 360% higher antioxidant and nutrient level compared to cocoa powder. It is also said to benefit the heart, protect the nervous system and boost mood by increasing levels of neurotransmitters. Bliss.

Pablo will then hand pour the chocolate into moulds before cutting and completing the bean to bar process by hand, wrapping each in recycled foil. What a journey.

When meeting Pablo in May, he kindly gave me two bars of Forever Cacao to try: The 80% Great Taste award-winning Signature bar and the 80% Signature bar with Ashaninka coffee (which brilliantly grows alongside the Cacao) I savoured those pieces.

The taste was simple and great. Simple as in ‘pure quality made greatly’, it is award winning. You wouldn't expect as much in a bar of chocolate – from source to finish.

This is a cool piece of chocolate, from start to finish, in every way possible……simply in one piece.


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