Remember your ability to soften

Your overlooked gift..

The opposite of what a dominating power culture instilled you to be or can get its head around..

An ability that lets oxygenated blood flow, thoughts and ideas move and muscles to contract explosively when needed.

A health preserving, flexi making ability that takes away the hard edges of news and unhealthy day in day out culture tight emotion.

An ability that you may of been told your wrong to feel, to express..

you may of been told not be so soft, toughen up, be strong, man-up.......

theres no gender needed to claim a way of being, it simply is what it is,







to exhale and let your body un-grip

muscles loosen off bone

everything moveable

your centre still 

air breathing

thoughts flowing

grasping none

heart softened, so as to let it express.


Love felt inwardly and seen on the outer edges.

This ability, the one you may of been conditioned to not be comfortable with is the yin to your yang, the light to the dark, the night to the day, the cold to your hot, an opposite, thats all it is, an opposite expression that makes you whole. 

A necessary piece to your mind-body connection, a piece that makes you whole.

Don't let anyone fool you, your ability to soften can give you better ability to toughen when needed if trained right. 

Bruce Lee's 'be like water', a comedians sense of humour, Denzel Washington's integrity of heart, Alesha Key's power through her voice..

As you go through your day...........

Love strong

and remember




be whole and healthy

also requires you to


to embody

how to