Make Space

Minimalize your house

let space move between your furniture,

those things that are going to stay around for years to come.

Only keep what you love 

and make enough space that when something is out of place you notice it

and have the space to look at it and see if it fits.

Make space in your sentences

in-between your t h o u g h t s,

at tables for your most cherished.


Make space for others

for the right kind of lover

for adventure

for creativity.


Leave gaps..


not just to fill them.

Leave gaps of nothing 

so life can enter

and leave when it wants.

Leave gaps for freedom

so it can return if it wants too.



Make space for inside peace

For light to settle

for true healing.

Space to b r e a t h e

Space to understand

Space to be you.


Make space and be full to the brim.