Overcome your challenges

For the strong of will, visionaries, those wanting to unearth purpose or carry on with it, the gold hearted, the 15% (as Bill Evans said) that want to participate in life rather than have it happen to them.

No doubt, you will meet challenges on your way in life and I don’t necessarily mean people, I mean also challenges in procedure, childcare, finances, how you raise and want to raise your families, who you have onboard with you, who you don’t, health and the work you do or are unable to do.

To have challenges, this is good by the way (it means you are doing something Geoff Thompson would say) How you proceed during these challenges is what can make you better on a whole and new level.

The way you navigate yourself during this time can, if done well, make you stronger, more resilient, gain better clarity in your mind and heart and so you will make better decisions that stay in alignment to you and your life.

When a challenge knocks you off balance and another challenge comes along, and perhaps another, that is when it is easy to fall into self-doubt, lose faith, succumb to anxiety and to feed illusionary fear. Those places will feel off centre, so new choices and progressions made in those states will probably not result in the best outcome for you or one that you feel happy that you had a chance to participate in and can accept.

It is important to be in a place of personal balance as quick as can be when knocked off guard so that if a challenge comes up, if an outcome is not in your favour, you at least know thats the way it is and you can accept it, let go and move on for the better. Fear induced by life’s challenges can sometimes be the end of progress if too overwhelming, at least for a while and that is a real shame, and so, that is the reason for this post, to help guide to overcome challenges and remain a whole participant in life.

Become more disciplined.


If that word makes you think of school years you didn’t enjoy or being forced to do something you didn’t want to do by someone you didn’t like then please stop there and take a breath. Get rid of those old beliefs of what discipline is and learn a new meaning to the word;

Discipline is the key to healthy, strong and extraordinary relationships, with yourself and others.

Discipline is what carves out masterful and amazing skill and craft.

Discipline moulds fit minds and bodies (if that is of interest to you).

Discipline will enable you to communicate clearer with yourself and others so you are able to open doors that once seemed nonexistent and closed.

Discipline will help you progress with better functionality through life.

And if at last point your challenges do not change, your discipline would have changed you.

Inner change? thats where the real magic happens.

So, if you find yourself amongst challenge, barriers and hurdles, if you have reflected on them and unable to gain clarity then find faith and solace in these disciplines and practise diligently;

*How you talk to yourself + others. What words do you use? are they kind? necessary? true?

*Stop gossip (listening to gossip is still being active in gossip)

*See the misplacement in worrying about what he said she said and focus on what your saying and doing. That is all you have control over, your life and your business.

*Learn how to listen - if even it means not having your say and allowing another to judge you in their haste.

*Be disciplined to make sure you have your own back. Are you are looking out for you? or hiding behind being the good guy and helping everyone else whilst not really listening to your own needs? Be honest with yourself, if you are not helping yourself by having your own back first then you are not really helping others to the best of your or their ability.

*Stay disciplined in investing in you, in learning and discovering about you, why you do the things you do. Know yourself. Gain wisdom from your experiences, talk with good friends on the same path. Listen to audiobooks, podcasts, read books from the library, seek counsel in yourself, your partner or a trustworthy mentor.

*Train your body. Our bodies cells retain information, including past information (emotions and experience/hormones/bodies chemicals and lack of) that may not be of use to you anymore. Move regularly to dissolve old patterns. We can learn a lot about ourselves by getting to know our physical bodies in a different way . (Callisthenics, martial arts, dance, athletics etc) Seek quality guidance when looking for teachers, teachers that are focused and disciplined themselves.

*Set a regular sleep pattern and refer back to it whenever you feel offtrack.

* Rise before the sun. Theres such beauty in those hours. Go see for yourself.

*Seek advice from those who have been through a similar situation and are on the other side. If you can’t find anyone who has been through the same then seek advice from those you trust with a level head.

*Choose the best bits of advice and implement them, see where they lead. You know, trees use their roots to send information and nutrients to one another, thats how forests thrive. Think of that in regards to friends and community. Help one another to thrive. No one gets anywhere on their own, even if they feel they are or have been on their own.

*Keep a healthy daily routine.

*Keep an honest journal so you can see how you are spending your time. Notice where you are procrastinating, where you may be wasting time and see naturally how you can improve it. Adding your days activities to your phones calendar is a good way to keep track if writing down is not for you.

*Be honest with yourself. Are you disciplined mostly in things that are serving your lifestyle and what you love to do but not disciplined in your relationships? your work? Are you spending too much time in one area and not disciplined enough to know when to stop and give to other areas of your life? We all have differing levels and this is something you need to be honest with yourself about. Discipline is a vehicle, what you are disciplined in, of course will determine also, where you go.

If this resonates with you, hone up your discipline for the next month and let me know what changed for you. Did you overcome your challenges? What changed in your life? How did you change? I’d love to hear.