Discovering balance and authentic health has been a huge passion for 19 years now.

My own soul searching for authenticity and health led me through nutrition, self enquiry, philosophy, natural beauty, physical training, Shaolin Qi Gong, my own trials and development. This all helped me gain a sense of how to read patterns, energy and elements of mind and body that gave me insights for healthier living.

That combination of study, personal practise in wellness disciplines and development, looking at ancient teachings, keeping up to date with latest research in health + wellness is what led me to working with clients for 11 years in London + Wales through bodywork and conversation.

We all have personal patterns in mind and body that we can work through or with to transform how we feel and show up in the present and really what I do is find a limitation and a transformation opportunity.

So I create bespoke bodywork treatments for each client I see. That may simply be a bodywork treatment for self-care, sport, natural beauty or with direction (through conversation) I help them to get through a mental block that may be holding them back from health and wholeness.

In the past I have had the absolute privilege to design treatments for international spa and assisted with industry start ups.

Sometimes I like to write too; available here

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My Ethos; To practise holistic health in an accessible way that is current whilst retaining its substance.


Victoria has treated both royalty and hollywood clients, chosen for her passion for health, simplicity and professionalism.